Sunday, July 11, 2010

Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace

written by Donald J. Sobol... reviewed by Regan E. Luke

Do you like mysteries?  I do.  So I decided to read Encyclopedia Brown Sets the Pace.  It's 10 small stories in one book.  One of my favorites was "The Case of the Crowing Rooster".  It started out that on a "Thursday evening Encyclopedia was trimming the bushes in front of his house when Lisa Periwinkle raced by on her bicycle."  Encyclopedia was wondering why she was in such a hurry.  Encyclopedia went with Lisa to go to the junkyard for a meeting.  When they got there Bugswent with his partner, Bill Canfield, and Bill Canfield had an invention to make the roosters crow.  Encyclopedia figured out that the roosters crowed three times because Bill was hiding it in the darkness because when roosters see light, they crow, so that's how come it crowed.  Bill said that if they gave him $5 to make more fake rooster machines he would give them one.  But Bill was actually just stealing money.  I liked this book because I love mysteries.  I also like it because I like how you get part of the story and you can figure it out on your own or go to the back and see what the answer is.  You should read this fact your whole family should read it!