Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins

Okay, here's my latest read. It is all the rage right now, at least around here, with the youth. I borrowed it from the library and found it in the young adult section. I really liked it. It is set in the future in the wasteland that was once the United States. In an effort by "The Capitol" to keep the outlying districts aware of their weakness and subservience, the Hunger Games are created. It is a bit brutal...a fight to the death by teenagers chosen by lottery from each district. It is sort of a spin on our increasing addiction to reality TV, I suppose. Anyway, it's one of those books you read without having to think to much, but it really draws you in. I finished very quickly, in fact, I had it at the house when we had everyone over for Memorial Day, and before I even got a chance to start it, Lisa borrowed it (to save the 100+ person wait list at the library) and read it, then Andrew and Dave read it. This was all within a week. So, I guess I'm not the only one who got into it. As of today, I am #117 on the library's wait list for book 2 of the series, Catching Fire. Enjoy!


Kellie said...

Sounds interesting. Reminds me of the idea of Gladiadors.

David said...

I thought it was good. The plot itself is basically "Battle Royale" meets "Tunnel In The Sky", but the writing was interesting, the characters were believable, and it was fun to read.

Deb said...

i've been waiting to read this until the 3rd one comes out in august so i can read all three. they are all the rage here too.