Monday, October 21, 2013

Helen MacInnes

While poking through Grandma Luke's book shelves this summer, I came across The Salzburg Connection by Helen MacInnes.  I didn't have time to read it while in Boise, but I stumbled across it again via Kindle and decided to give it a try.  I really enjoyed it! 

It's a Cold War story and very fast-paced and suspenseful.  Being a Cold War story written from a western European perspective, it's also very black-and-white about who the bad guys are and who the good guys are.  But I liked the main character who stumbled into espionage and was feeling his way in the dark.  I liked the honesty the author showed in talking about the consequences of the war.  I liked that the story was imagined from real events.  And I liked that there was a little romantic subplot to keep the story from being too, too plot driven.  :) 

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